Sunday, January 20, 2008

This Perfect Day

Queensland Education Minister Rod Welford rips into parents here:

...blasted parents for failing to socially educate their children and has ordered teachers to pick up the slack. ...said today's teenagers were the most "under-parented generation in our history" and dramatic changes were needed to stem bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, depression and other youth behavioural problems. "Parents have dropped the ball," Mr Welford said.
Queensland Police Minister Judy Spence tears teenagers a new one there:

"CRAZY and stupid" is how (Spence) has described the drunken and high-speed behaviour of several young drivers nabbed by police since the start of the year. "...young drivers don't seem to care that they're endangering themselves and others."
And Queensland Transport Minister John Mickel flicks it all straight back to parents: take greater responsibility for the actions of any of their teenage children who drive.
All three throw up their hands in despair and say 'no wonder we have to take responsibility instead':

Announcing a controversial "social and emotional" education strategy to start in state schools this year, Mr Welford said teachers would be asked to play a bigger parental role... to help schoolchildren cope with anxiety, failure and bad behaviour – lessons, he says, many no longer get at home.

It totally vindicates the Government's decision to introduce tough new restrictions on young drivers."
No mention of the fact that it is precisely the liberal socialist policies of the last 40 years supported even today by Welford, Spence and Mickel that have created these problems.

Moves such as this represent a grab by the Left for a long-envied prize - total control of the raising of children and it is achieved in the standard socialist manner with a proclamation that 'it's for your own good'.

-- Nick

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