Wednesday, January 02, 2008

If You Want To Know The Time, Bash A Policeman

Violence against police in the US has been around so long it's almost a cliche. It's been around a long time in the UK as well but this is appalling:

The amount of police time lost to sickness because of violent assaults on front line officers rose sharply last year, new figures have revealed. The total time lost was about 37,000 days in the year to March 2007, 15 per cent higher than in the previous year. The lost time cost the taxpayer around £3 million.
Closer to home:

THREE police officers who were attending a disturbance have been injured on the Gold Coast in an alleged attack by a couple... The male officers attended a disturbance on Orchid Avenue shortly before 4am (AEST) today, arresting two men for public nuisance.

...while the officers were waiting for transport, a group of people surrounded them, with one man allegedly punching an officer in the face. The officer used capsicum spray on the man, who then fled down Cavill Avenue before being tackled by a second officer... the man struggled with the officers, prompting his girlfriend to allegedly smash a bottle over the back of one policeman.

Suicides in prison rose by more than a third last year and more than doubled for women, new figures show.
I don't buy the 'overcrowding' excuse offered by penal reformers in the UK where this report comes from.

Flagrant disregard for the law - both as a concept and as the copper you'll bash for arresting your boyfriend but call for help when your boyfriend's bashing you - and an inability to deal with the consequences of one's behaviour:

Nearly half of those who committed suicide were awaiting trial or sentencing.
...indicate a society that has deep problems.

-- Nick

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