Saturday, November 18, 2006


No real surprise that this story:

MASS murderer Martin Bryant has been moved out of a maximum security prison into a lower security psychiatric unit. The Tasmanian Government has refused to confirm or deny the transfer of Australia's most notorious murderer. Bryant, now 36, shot 35 people dead and wounded many others at Port Arthur in 1996.
... is published on 'National Buy A Gun Day'.

Coalition for Gun Control activist and leftie lawyer Roland Browne probably suggested the story idea yesterday when he took part in this story:

A SHOOTERS' rights group has called for tomorrow to be national 'buy a gun' day, drawing strong opposition from gun control lobbyists.
Browne is credited with helping to 'script' the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre for killer Martin Bryant with two media comments prior to the event that there was, indeed, bound to be a massacre in Tasmania. Browne was also called in by the police after the event to help brief the media:

...when journalists from the ABC attended at Police Headquarters in Hobart to obtain information about the shootings at Port Arthur they were surprised to find that they were not the first to arrive at the Media Liaison Office. Mr Roland Browne, the spokesperson for Gun Control in Tasmania had arrived before them. The only person in a position to inform Roland Browne of the need to be at the Police Headquarters Media Office, prior to the media, would have been the Media Liaison Officer Geoff Easton...
While we're bringing people together, we may as well mention Browne's fellow anti-gun nut Rebecca Peters, who was head of the Coalition for Gun Control back in 1996, is now Director of the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) and:

Prior to her work with IANSA... worked for the Open Society Institute, a private foundation funded by George Soros.
Soros is a billionaire socialist who funds the US Democrats and actions such as:

Hamilton –v- Accu-Tek wherein various gun manufacturers were absurdly held legally responsible for the illegal activities of someone who had illegally obtained firearms. This in a case where there was no firearm recovered to show a nexus to any of the manufacturers. As you might expect the litigation was very expensive, the Plaintiff’s representative stated that the matter would not have proceeded without the funding of the Soros Foundation.
-- Nick

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