Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hard Labor

Around Australia, the Labor Party is having some sort of cosmic meltdown:

THE scandal surrounding sacked New South Wales Aboriginal affairs minister Milton Orkopoulos has widened, with one of his party workers believed to be under investigation for alleged child sexual assault.

(Former premier Brian) Burke resigned from the Labor Party yesterday after WA Premier Alan Carpenter issued an ultimation: either he goes, or I do. (Small Business Minister Norm) Marlborough was sacked from the ministry and has indicated he will resign from Parliament, prompting a by-election for the safe Labor seat of Peel, likely to be in December.

Something has gone seriously wrong with former NSW Premier Bob Carr, who in one astonishing TV interview last night destroyed whatever was left of his future as a serious political player. There may be some personal factors at play in the remarkable decline of Carr’s reason, so I will not speculate too much. But in an utterly bizarre performance on Lateline he revealed himself as a man now unhinged by Leftist conspiracy theories and a psychedelic hatred of George Bush, and all while in the grip of a messianic belief in global warming catastrophism.

FORMER Queensland tourism and racing minister Merri Rose has been charged by the state's Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) with threatening a public servant while attempting to secure a job.

QUEENSLAND corruption investigators examining a secret loan of $300,000 by a mining magnate to a cabinet minister have discovered that it has not been the subject of normal repayments in the five years since it was first provided. Investigators are closing in on the assets and financial history of the three adult children of former industrial relations minister Gordon Nuttall as the Beattie Government yesterday raised the prospect of criminal charges.
With Labor in power at state level all round Australia, which will be the first state to fall?

-- Nick

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