Sunday, January 15, 2006

More Multi-Culti Madness

The West Australian police are reported adopting optional 'religiously appropriate attire' to attract Muslims and Sikhs:

NAVY blue hijabs, loose-fitting shirts and turbans emblazoned with the police logo will be part of a new range of West Australian police uniforms.

...the hijab would have a velcro section so if offenders tried to pull the cloth, it would become loose rather than strangling the officer.
Perhaps the slavering dhimmis whose idea this was would like to explain how a female Muslim devout enough to require a hijab might consider joining the police under any circumstances.

First of all she'd have to get the permission of her father or husband to work outside the home. And what happens when she's required to arrest a Muslim man?

There's a reason why there are no women cops in Islamic states, you morons.

-- Nick

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