Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hot In The City

We've been gently chided by Leigh for not updating and we have to offer our apologies.

Nick and I have just finished our first week back at work where we:

Inducted two new staff members
Sacked another
Reported an attempt at mobile phone fraud (item three is not related to item two)
And since we have a forum here I thought I'd share our experience.

We collected the work mail after our two week break and found a phone bill which was 10 times higher than normal.

It turned out that just before Christmas someone had taken our business name and ABN (Australian Business Number), faked up some letterhead and signed on for 10 mobile phone on a $250 a month plan each.

Because our office was closed for two weeks, the telco was unable to more closely verify the bona fides of the applicant.

The applicant walked off with 10 top of the line phones.

We got the matter sorted and the fraud was reported to police. I'm sure it's quite a common scam.

The disturbing thing is what those phone might be used for - simple resale? Drug running? Terrorism?

Anyway, Nick and I promise to keep up our blogging quota. But in the mean time enjoy this on these hot, sunny, summer days:

4 oz. 7-up
1 oz. Peach schnapps
1 oz. Vodka
Pour all ingredients over ice into a tall glass.
-- Nora

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