Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dopiness Runs In The Family

SCHAPELLE Corby's half-brother has been directly linked by Queensland police to the drug run into Bali that led to her 20-year jail sentence.
Well surprise, surprise. Who didn't see that coming?*

From reliable sources inside Federal Customs, we were told that was the case from the beginning. the problem had been getting evidence that would stand up in court.

The story goes that Corby and her half-brother knew the dope was in the body bag and was to have been offloaded in Sydney by criminal baggage handlers before the connecting flight to Bali.

Also, keep an eye on the name Shane John Tilyard, the cousin of Corby's step brother James Kisina who is likely to be, to use the euphemism, 'known to police'.

-- Nora

UPDATE: 4.40am
*The Gold Coast Hysterical has just updated its web site with one of the most remarkable pieces of self indulgent rubbish I've ever had the misfortune to read.

It's by police reporter Tony Wilson who has spent a lot of Murdoch's money travelling to Bali and back. I knew him to be a good bloke and a straight journalist but I have to wonder what 7 years at the GCB have done to him. The story is not archived on the site and will be gone in 24 hours but I've taken a copy if anyone wishes to read the whole thing.

The 1500 word piece is, sadly, an ample demonstration of what happens when you become emotionally involved in the story and proof positive that many reporters have a paucity of understanding when it comes to the human condition.

Witness these quotes:

IT'S 3.20am on Friday and sleep won't come. The rain is relentless and so are the thoughts going through my head.

Some are selfish. I think of the people laughing behind my back at how this tough, old police reporter has been sucked in by the Corbys...
Sorry Tony, some people will be laughing to your face, or at least shake their heads and wonder at how you can be so naive.

The news about James knocked her off her feet, but to think of 20 years for Schapelle, it will gut her.

I wish I could be in Bali now to give her a hug...
Uh, you're just a reporter Tony, not her daddy.

Last year, I lost my father, who had always been my hero and my mate, and the pain of that loss was a new and terrible experience.

But it is one I had been expecting and at 87 years of age and only a shadow of the man I had known and loved, it was the right time for Dad to go.

The pain I'm feeling now is greater, even though I'm not family and have only known the Corby clan for just less than 16 months.

This pain is born from the knowledge that not only is it wrong for Schapelle to be facing 20 years which is as good as a death sentence there, but it is how that came about.
Get the man a sedative, a psychiatrist, a new job, he's lost it!

It's getting light, so the night has gone and another day dawns, but with less hope that yesterday's dawn as far Schapelle is concerned.

PS: If you a see big bloke in a 'Free Schapelle' singlet around the Coast, treat him gently ... he's backing the right team this time.
If you want to know what's wrong with much of contemporary journalism, then you've found it right here.

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