Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Value of a Good Education

American students are beginning to quit Australian universities because of racist attacks.

No real surprises here - Australian universities, like their US counterparts, are hotbeds of left-wing socialist seething.

But sadly many other Australians who wouldn't countenance racism against the majority of others have always thought it was somehow acceptable to slur Americans.

Perhaps this is because of the love-hate relationship created by Australians' historical indebtedness to the US during World War 2.

Particularly since the Iraq War, anti-American sentiment appears to have been on the rise in Australia. However, appearances can be deceiving.

As in the United States, most conservatively minded people in Australia keep their own counsel in the face of unprompted ranting by the left-leaning.

And American visitors can take heart in a portion of a report on a state taxi association's decision to stop cab drivers foisting their opinions on passengers including mention of:

"...cases where, particularly after September 11, there were some taxis running around with anti-American slogans on them. They weren't put there by the owner of the cab, they were put there by the driver."

The very fact that this was worthy of mention infers there have been numerous complaints.

It may be that at last the conservative and Right-minded are becoming as vocal in noting a wrong as our Left-wing brothers and sisters have always been.

One hopes we don't descend into the gutter with them, however.

The university story notes that 'even female Australian students were verbally abusive'. Nothing new there, unfortunately, either.

One is reminded of an associate's country cousin who came to town to study and held a lecture hall door open for two female students. He was roundly and foully abused for his oppressive sexism.

Having learned his lesson, the following day he let a door swing shut in the advance of another female student whereupon he was roundly and foully abused for his bad manners.

However, such behaviour is a reflection of the immaturity and lack of manners often possessed of the left-leaning, particularly in academia and the public service systems, rather than one of the population as a whole

Incidentally, the term 'seppo' is abbreviated rhyming slang for 'Yank' and means 'septic tank' (a tank into which sewage is conveyed so it may sit and decompose to liquid for evaporation or flushing).


-- Nick

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