Monday, June 13, 2005

Big Brothel

Let it be stated at the outset that while Nora and I enjoy a good party, we would never demean ourselves by watching that pinnacle of turgid reality television, Big Brother - or rather, Big Brothel, as it has come to be known.

We do have friends who are addicted to the program but we look kindly upon their lapse in judgement for they are good folks otherwise.

However, we found ourselves attracted to a story on

BB sex mystery
WHATEVER Michelle did in the bath of the Big Brother house, it seems that the viewers didn't much like.

As you know, Nora appreciates a mystery though I could manage as well without them. However, in this particular case, I too was attracted by the intrigue of what it was that Big Brothel viewers didn't like.

The story revealed:

Michelle was last night voted out of Big Brother just a day after she and Glenn, 21, allegedly ... um ... cemented their relationship in the bath of the rewards room...

What? Big Brothel viewers didn't appreciate what they've been hoping for since this tawdry entertainment began approximately five years ago?

Not actually. It transpired they found the contestant 'loud and opinionated'. reports the incident in a disingenuously coy manner - 'allegedly... um... cemented' indeed! Then Mr Murdoch's reporter goes on to sneer that reports of the alleged incident 'have unsurprisingly had family groups up in arms'.

Use of the word 'unsurprisingly' underscores the contempt with which the media holds anyone whose taste is not on a par with theirs, somewhere towards the bottom of the barrel.

Personally, we blame jazz music.

Nick and Nora

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