Sunday, June 26, 2005

Pride goeth before Oprah

My family includes a previous generation who, while admiring the antics of entertainers, felt that the star system was the end of Hollywood greatness.

'Turn them into stars and they'll think they own the galaxy as well', my dear grandpa Abe was found of saying.

As a girl I didn't think much too much about that as I eagerly awaited the next edition of PhotoPlay.

But I think grandpa has been proved right by the hissy fit performance of professional TV talker Oprah Winfrey this week.

Apparently while shopping in gay Paris, she found a darling little purse in Hermes that she simply must have. It was after hours and staff were setting up for a private PR do and so she was refused entry.

Demonstrating an extraordinary lack of quality manners, one of the world's richest women (does this say something about the nouveau riche?) announces that she was refused entry because of her skin colour.

Nonsense! Josephine Baker was welcomed in France with open arms and so too would Oprah if she'd displayed some good grace instead of believing her celebrity gives her an extraordinary privilege.

It once again proves that money doesn't buy you good breeding.

-- Nora

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