Monday, January 16, 2012

Everyone Who Ever Lived Was Pro-Gay

It's taking a bit of a liberty to assume what a dead man's views on a subject would have been.

Here, gay activists on the staff of Bloomberg chide Martin Luther King for forgetting to think of them while he was fighting for racial civil rights but then allow King the kind of 'open-mindedness' that he would have seen him on their side:

Even Martin Luther King Jr., the man the U.S. honors today, had his blind spots. The circle of human rights he gave his life to expand didn’t include everyone. Left out, for instance, were gay men and lesbians. One of King’s most laudable attributes, however, was his ability to evolve and grow, and so we imagine that were he alive today he would endorse the efforts of the Obama administration to help bring basic freedoms and protections to gay people the world over.
The fact is that King might very well have not seen gay rights as analogous to racial rights. There are good reasons to assume he would not have done and that he may have opposed many of the demands of today's homosexual lobby.

But it has been a tactic of the homosexual movement to co-opt the racial rights movement in this way, as well as to portray respected dead people as either supportive of their agenda or as homosexual themselves.

In this case, they've never been able to posthumously 'turn' the civil rights leader - it would bring a world of hurt down on them to attempt to do so as they have attempted with other historical figures.

But there's a whole realm of intellectual dishonesty in claiming he would have wholeheartedly supported them, as Ambra Nykol writes in The New Black Magazine:

A great success of liberal groups has been to disconnect the work of Dr. King with the fact that he was a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. People love to call King "Doctor" but rarely do they refer to him as "Reverend". We don't hear a great deal mentioned about King's ministry and his sermonizing from the Bible. There was once a day when "social justice" and politics were closely tied with the "black church".

Based on the fact the King was a Bible-believing Baptist (and assuming he didn't subscribe to the private interpretation methodical, choose-your-own-adventure brand of Christianity), we can deduce that he probably did not condone homosexuality as a lifestyle.

Although, Liberals will point to the fact that one of King's top advisers and organizers for the March on Washington, Bayard Rustin, was an openly homosexual man as proof positive that King was in favor of homosexual marriage. The reality is, this example merely shows us that King was in favor of showing an attitude of love towards all people, regardless of their sexual orientation.

This is simply the cause of Christ. However, the philosophy of King is currently being distorted to support the homosexual agenda.
-- Nick

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