Monday, January 09, 2012

But Really, There's No Agenda. Honest....

The UK Mail Online reports:

Why men will ALWAYS cheat (even if they love their partners and don't want to leave them)
The headline would be more honest if it read:

Why homosexual men will ALWAYS cheat (even if they love their partners and don't want to leave them)
For the statistically flawed and intellectually dishonest 'survey' on which the story is based was conducted by homosexual activist Eric Gumby Anderson who was 'America’s first openly gay high school coach' and is now an academic in the field of sociology working in England.

On his website, he writes:

Professor Eric Anderson is an American sociologist at the University of Winchester, England. He is known for his research on sport, masculinities, sexualities and homophobia. He has been published in dozens of academic journals and is regularly featured in the popular press. His work shows an increasingly positive relationship between gay male athletes and sport, as well as a growing movement of young heterosexual men’s masculinity becoming softer and more inclusive. Professor Anderson also researches matters related to men’s monogamy and the function of cheating, men's improving recognition of bisexuality, and the increased acceptance of young heterosexual men kissing.
His Wikipedia profile shows, however, that he is no mere studier of social mores but an active participant in the manipulation of society.

With respect to the Mail Online story, Professor Anderson is flogging a book based on a survey of a mere 120 male undergraduates, and he immediately distorts the results in the direct he desires by lumping heterosexual and homosexuals together.

Many independent studies reveal the majority of partnered gay men say they are monogamous but often have other sexual partners. The average is 7 others per year.

They maintain this cognitive dissonance by defining 'monogamy' differently to heterosexuals. Thus, they are emotionally 'faithful' to their partner but have others for sex only.

Thus the picture Anderson paints - and is wilfully supported in by a compliant media that helps him hide from a largely ignorant public that he is a homosexual advocate - is that all men behave in a manner similar to homosexuals.

This is a method proposed by Madsen and Kirk in their 1980s work After The Ball, which advocated the promotion of the concept that gay behaviour was the same as straight, even where it was not, so as to redefine society's normal to the homosexual norm.

-- Nick

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