Sunday, June 28, 2009

Balls In The Air

THE AFL Players' Association is funding counselling sessions for a woman who claimed to have had sex with up to 200 elite players.
Surely chiropractic treatment would be more appropriate.

She said players kept in regular contact with her and she admitted to sometimes engaging in group sex with them.

She said she was not abused, had always engaged in consensual acts and had not suffered as a result of her lifestyle.
So why the counselling? Unless she provided her services for free, in which case she needs a business coach, not a therapist.

Women's Forum Australia spokeswoman Misty de Vries said the issue, and the latest John Elliott controversy, were further proof players had not shown enough respect towards women.

"It highlights again that even with apparent consent there is a need for more integrity towards women," she said.
Ah yes, in the feminist's disordered thinking 'yes' actually means 'no' unless signed by a notary public.

Amy also declined to comment.
It's also not known whether the notary public also participated in the group sex with feminists.

Either way, society is screwed.

-- Nora

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