Sunday, July 06, 2008

Too Fat, Too Thin, Not Ethnic Enough

Cognitive dissonance:

...Doukas is credited with creating some of the key "looks" of the past two decades - the glamorous supermodels of the 1980s and early nineties - and the superwaif, led by Kate Moss, that followed...
The story goes on to talk of Doukas' disappointment that ethnic models are not enough in vogue. Then further on in the same story, unnoted for its irony:

Diminishing waistlines is another worry for Doukas, who is thankful that 90 per cent of her girls stick to editorial work instead of the catwalk, where the pressures of shrinking down to a size zero are most intense. But she admits that the stringent demands of the catwalk make her heart sink, and the poster for Beat, the eating disorder charity, which is discreetly tacked to the back of Storm’s bathroom door, hints at this darker side of the industry.
A dark side of the industry superwaif inventor Doukas created, yet nowhere in the report are the dots connected.

Perhaps reporter Roya Nikkhah is concerned she might stop receiving invites to Doukas' events.

-- Nick

Update: More of the same:

Queensland Hotels Association chief executive officer Justin O'Connor said licensed venues were merely responding to the deteriorating behaviour of patrons. "Twenty years ago, a group of people would police itself to limit anti-social activity which impacts on other people," Mr O'Connor said. "Today, there is a reduced tendency to do this (and) in some cases, particularly amongst young men, there is a tendency to show off and act the fool, sometimes resulting in or triggering confrontation."
The QHA is partly to blame for 'the deteriorating behaviour of patrons', its members wanting nearly 24 hour boozing:

The Queensland Hotels Association (QHA) says it has been caught out by some of the details of the State Government's review of the Liquor Act. The overhaul signals the end of early-morning drinking and gambling, with a return to 10am opening... QHA president Tom McGuire says he is disappointed with the decision not to allow pubs to continue to open at 7am.
Here's a suggestion with regard to controlling poor behaviour by grogged-up patrons - a return to 10pm closing as well.

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