Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Case Of Deja Vu

Back in the late '90s, one was acquainted with an envirofascist employed by a state body who advocated this:

HOME owners could be forced to turn their houses green before they are allowed to sell them...
This particular person also advocated attending the Nimbin feral festival each year and rolling around in mud. But her wishes are coming to pass in Victoria, with the unsurprising support of a professional body that sees a quid in the offing.

Victorian State Planning Minister Justin Madden is refusing to comment on the proposal and is instead allowing Brian Welch, executive director of the
Master Builders Association, to fire the bullets:

The Master Builders Association wants laws to make it compulsory for owners of all existing homes to meet minimal environmental standards before they are allowed to sell them. The changes will cost each homeowner hundreds of dollars but the MBA says buyers of newly built homes are already being forced to meet five-star standards and they shouldn't be the only ones bearing the burden of helping the environment.

The MBA's proposal includes making it mandatory for homeowners to:

REPLACE single-flush toilets with dual flush-toilets when selling their home.

INSTALL ceiling insulation.

INSTALL low-consumption shower heads.
As in all such cases, there's money to be made by MBA members in this - all three of the nominated tasks are beyond the capability of the average householder.

The MBA would also like inefficient electrical and whitegood products to be phased out.
Of course they would - there's a higher profit margin in the supply of more expensive stoves, cooktops and dishwashers.

Lesson: When someone starts preaching for the environment, ask yourself what's the profit motive.

-- Nick

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