Sunday, May 04, 2008

Taxonomically-Challenged Man Falls Foul Of Own Accusation

It's a PC favourite to point and scream 'racist!' at anyone who criticises Muslims in any way.

Which makes this all the more amusing:

A SYDNEY man sent death threats to a State MP, telling him Muslims would "blow up" his family for opposing the controversial development of an Islamic school... "How racist are you? ... I hope they put a car bomb in your driveway when your whole family is home," read an email sent on April 2... He told The Sunday Telegraph he regretted his actions but made the threats because he was angry at the racist attitude of people.
The perp not only had difficulty figuring out that the target of his threats hadn't actually written the pamphlet that got him steamed but he also evidently couldn't grasp that hoping Muslims car bombed the MPs home was making a 'racist' assumption that all Muslims are car bomb-making terrorists.

(And the fact that Islam is a religion, not a race, so you can't be 'racist' about it.)

-- Nick

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