Saturday, May 03, 2008

Preach It Brother Bill

In the light of these statistics:

A CHILD crime wave is sweeping Victoria with almost 10,000 children aged 14 and under dealt with by police in the past year.

Exposure to sex, violence and alcohol, broken families, and boredom in sprawling housing estates have been linked to a surge in kids accused of robbery, assault, rape and other offences...

...A startling 9860 children aged 10 to 14 were accused of committing crimes last financial year. It was 1532 more than the year before, and almost a third of all alleged juvenile offenders.

Most were accused of shoplifting (2119), damaging property (1642), burglary (1355), assault (1029) and stealing cars or their contents (1022).

Dozens were also quizzed over robbery, arson and sex offences - including 24 alleged rapists."
Where is our Bill Cosby?

Comedian Bill Cosby has warned black Americans to "stop looking for somebody to blame" and to confront the ills facing their communities...

...Cosby, who starred for many years in his own series, The Bill Cosby Show, and who has a doctorate in education, told several hundred people at a conference of community associations that some of his critics within the African-American community were "intellectual panhandlers" who enabled destructive behaviour by staying silent or blaming racism...

...He said adults were equally complicit if they failed to speak up.

"I haven't seen the demonstrations saying, 'I'm not allowing my children to listen to this'," he said. "It's killing us. We're not talking about it, and we're not beating it down."

-- Nora

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