Sunday, December 09, 2007

Preaching To The Choir

A former accountant, now an invalid who can't get out of the house much, looks at all the conspiracy theories seething on the internet and selects one that floats his boat to the extent that he hacks out a 'book'.

The book, Cover Up Of A Royal Murder by Redcliffe man John Morgan, investigates the Paget report into Diana's death and alleges it was not an accident, but murder.
An old millionaire, bitter and delusional since his vaulting ambition to be a tenuous part of British royalty has been foiled, and who refuses to accept that his son was killed by accident by his own drunken employee, latches onto the 'book' and pays for its publication:

Mr al-Fayed is convinced that Mr Morgan's book is an accurate report of what really happened...
Can't wait to see the quality of Mr Morgan's 'investigative journalism'.

-- Nick

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