Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Suppose A Root Is Out Of The Question

You wouldn't want to be a female trying to resist the sexual advances of WA's Labor Government:

ALAN Carpenter wants to blow away restrictions to WA's shop trading hours... he would introduce new laws to deregulate shopping hours if Labor won a third term of government... Mr Carpenter believes that by the time of the election -- probably in 14 months -- enough time will have passed to move on from the 2005 referendum result, which said "no" to extended shopping hours... Mr Carpenter said he believed West Australians wanted seven-day-a-week trading. He said that in 2005 the wording of the referendum question was to blame for the "no" vote. "I think the opposition (to deregulated shopping hours) was around the structure of the question,' he said. "I think the question evoked the negative response more than the issue."
What part of the word 'no' does Carpenter and his ilk not understand?

-- Nick

Update: Britain's Chief Rabbi: "I think that's one reason why the deregulation of Sunday was a mistake. It gave us one day in seven where who you are is not determined by how much you spend."

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