Sunday, March 04, 2007

What Can You Expect From The Mentally Disturbed?

How hilarious that the Poofs On Parade in Sydney last night mounted a float (pun unintended) in support of the release of Islamic convert and self-confessed Australian jihadist David Hicks.

As Tim Blair reports:

A reminder, on the night of Sydney’s gay and lesbian Mardi Gras, of how a recently-removed government once treated its non-breeder community:

While the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, it regularly executed homosexuals. Islamic jurists in Kabul and Kandahar only differed on the method of killing. One group of scholars believed the condemned should be taken to the top of the highest building in the city and hurled to their deaths, while others advocated placing them in a pit next to a wall which was to be toppled on them, so that they are buried alive.
Thus homosexuals call for the release of one who would kill them for being homosexual.

The parade also included its annual calls to be rid of Liberal Prime Minister John Howard, further demonstrating the homosexual community's inability to see further down the track than their next orgasm or 'rights breakthrough'.

The fact is that a Liberal Government, for all its 'oppression' of homosexuals, offers them the best long term chance they have to not be 'hurled to their deaths' or crushed by walls.

A Labor Government - the party of which imported radical Islam to bolster its own political ambitions in various Australian electorates - would go soft on these same Islamists and ensure Australia follows the French path towards '2030, then we (Muslims) take over'.

A homosexual vote for John Howard is a vote to stay alive.

What strange bed fellows.

-- Nick

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