Saturday, March 17, 2007

Reporters Astonished

More Labor bias from the media:

Doleful Debnam admits he can't win NSW election
By Simon Benson and Kate Sikora

PETER Debnam has thrown in the towel with just seven days to go with an astonishing admission that his party won't win.
Debnam has done no such thing. What he actually said was:

"If the Galaxy poll is correct, then Labor will win next week's election and you will get more of the same for another four years," he said. "This election in a week's time will be your only chance until 2011 to tell Labor what you think of them. If the polls are right and Labor win the election, this will be a very bad result for the people of NSW."
Such confabulations are part of the wishful thinking aspects of malignant narcissism rampant among left wing 'thinkers'.

-- Nick

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