Friday, February 09, 2007

Free For All

Crime is now officially out of control on NSW trains and law-abiding passengers cannot rely on any protection:

A RISING tide of thuggery and fare evasion on trains has led to railway ticket collectors being told to wave all passengers through - whether they have a ticket or not. With assaults and violence on trains at a five-year high, Sydney's CityRail workers yesterday described the softly, softly approach by management as "open slather" for ratbag passengers. A CityRail memo passed to The Daily Telegraph revealed the extent of anti-social behaviour on Sydney's rail network and the fear it has caused among staff.
CityRail passengers now have equal cause for fear.

Failure to police even the most basic infringement of the law as criminals pass through the turnstiles will certainly escalate crime on board the trains. Vandalism, muggings, assaults, rapes - you name it, the 'step-back' directive will contribute to it.

And all this at a time when governments berate the population for the 'environmental vandalism' of shunning public transport for private cars.

The choice between an hour and a half in a traffic jam or 30 agonising minutes in a graffitied carriage with rampaging thieves and rapists is a no-brainer.

-- Nick

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