Friday, February 23, 2007

But It's OK To Watch Big Brother, Kids

Multiple madness:

AN award-winning TV commercial showing a toddler driving a four-wheel-drive has been pulled off the air... "Many of the (80) complaints were from parents concerned that the ad would encourage copy-cat behaviour in young children and might lead to accidents." The board also found that the fact the toddlers were wearing seatbelts - instead of approved child restraints - also breached safety recommendations.
Yes, we must protect the cheeeeldren:

QUEENSLAND'S top doctor wants junk food to face similar advertising bans as cigarettes... chief health officer Jeannette Young said it was time for a crackdown on junk food ads. She won backing from state Liberal leader Bruce Flegg... "From a medical point of view, junk food is far more harmful than most people realise. As with smoking, there's got to be some hard decisions," Dr Flegg said. "Unfortunately, it will impact some businesses and so forth..."
But McDonalds are already hurting from all the toddlers who can't drive-through any more...

-- Nick

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