Tuesday, June 27, 2006

To Brook No Nonsense

Even as homosexuals and their accolytes argue in favour of 'gay' marriage in Australia, the fairytale is unravelling in Spain:

A YEAR after legalising gay marriage, Spain is now seeing its first gay divorce, complete with a custody fight over the couple's dogs.
Thank God they're not fighting for custody of children.

The unhappy couple have been 'wed' less than a year:

...the unnamed men were married in a Madrid suburb last October, three months after Spain became the fourth country to legalise same-sex marriages.
In the Australian state of Queensland - that's named for Queen Victoria - and more particularly in the pages of the Courier-Mail, the homosexual marriage cause has been championed by Sunshine Coast University lecturer Karen Brooks.

Sorry, that's 'Dr' Karen Brooks:

...it was sweet of you to correct the use of my title. Some people do drop the 'Dr' (hard-earned I might add) in an attempt to offend me. Good thing I'm not thin-skinned. SO thanks.
Doctor? Hard-earned?

From her staff page at Sunshine Coast Uni:

BA(Hons) La Trobe, CertEd W’gong., PhD W’gong.
It used to be we called a GP a Doctor and a PhD who insisted on being called 'Doctor' a wanker but that's another blog.

Brooks is simply away with the fairies:

Dr Karen Brooks was an actor and an army officer in the Royal Australian Army Survey Corp
She lasted a year in the Army...

...before becoming an academic and, subsequently, an author. She joined USC in its inaugural year, 1996, and developed courses in popular culture and, eventually, the successful degree in Popular Culture.

She is also a fantasy novelist (emphasis added) and her fifth novel is due out this year.
The images on her website say it all.

And this ditsy specialist in:

Research Areas
Youth culture
Popular culture
Visual literacy
Cultural theory
Myth and legends

Published extensively in Australia and overseas, Karen is also a columnist for the Courier Mail, and a social commentator on local, Brisbane and national radio as well as working with Channel 7 Sunrise and Today/Tonight.
where she is allowed to propagate and prostelytise the concept of mental illness as lifestyle choice.

More on this particular topic later.

-- Nick

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