Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Line Forms On The Right, Babe

They used to say 'only in America' but now England is cutting edge:

In its latest and broadest attempt to get knives off the streets and especially out of the hands of young people, the British government announced a nationwide knife amnesty program, says USA Today. Police hope to collect 30,000 knives that will be turned in at police stations, churches, supermarkets and schools around the country.
A knife amnesty.


Coming soon, a stapler amnesty and a paper amnesty (that Reflex stuff can give a cut that stings like fury!).

I'm waiting for the harsh words amnesty. I'm looking forward to going to the collection centre and telling them where to go.

Seriously though:

Norman Brennan, director of the Victims of Crime Trust, calls the amnesty program, "no more than a public relations exercise."
Well of course it's a PR exercise - hand in your Bowie at the local Tesco and buy a cleaver in the kitchenwares aisle.

The victims' rights advocacy group proposes tougher penalties, including a mandatory five-year prison sentence for anyone possessing a knife.
I can just see the Pommie coppers kicking in granny's door for possession of a paring knife (and half a dozen julienned carrots).

Bloody morons.

-- Nick

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