Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Hating Your Way To Social Success

Conn Carroll warns of the next assault:

As the court was listening to oral arguments Wednesday, progressive blogger and former Pennsylvania State Democratic Committee member Chris Bowers wrote, "The step after victory in legal LGBT rights will be social ostricization of those who oppose it."
This is following the game play outlined by homosexual activists and marketing experts Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen in the 1980s.

Their book After The Ball was subject to review by another marketing expert, Paul Rondeau, whose paper on it is a must-read:

This comprehensive (12,000 words and 240 authoritative citations) work was first published in Regent University Law Review in 2002. It has since been cited before the Supreme Court of the United States, the United Nations, and in best selling books such as David Limbaugh's Persecution and David Kupelian's Marketing Evil. It has been translated and republished in Swedish, German, and Spanish.
More here (including a link to the Rondeau paper) and here from award winning journalist and author David Kupelian

The Rondeau paper has been mentioned in this blog many times before but it's never been more important to keep spreading access to it and making sure as many people as possible learn how they have been manipulated by some very clever marketing techniques that today are being recycled by others seeking to make fundamental changes to society.

-- Nick

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