Saturday, January 26, 2013

Falling Down

Drunk on power and wanting more:

... major donors--including billionaire George Soros (above), bailout beneficiary Citi and others--were approached by Obama campaign veterans to donate millions to Organizng for America, the president’s new 501(c)4 non-profit advocacy group. Under the tax code, 501(c)4 groups do not have to disclose their donors--a provision, ironically, that President Obama spent years campaigning against.

They justify the contradiction by insisting their money is for “good government,”, while money raised by conservative groups is “poison,”...

In addition to Organizing for America, the left has already welcomed another new left-wing organization, the Democracy Initiative... grown out of conversations between Greenpeace’s Phil Radford, the NAACP’s Ben Jealous, and the Sierra Club’s Michael Brune. They agreed to campaign for “three goals: getting big money out of politics, expanding the voting rolls while fighting voter ID laws, and rewriting Senate rules to curb the use of the filibuster to block legislation.”

What happens when you realise you're the bad guy? How a big a mental meltdown is that?

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