Monday, March 28, 2011

Dead Men Don't Talk (Back)

Ho hum:

Mahatma Gandhi was bisexual and left his wife to live with a German-Jewish bodybuilder, a controversial biography has claimed.
Author Joseph Lelyveld is a gay-friendly journalist who is simply following the playbook written by gay activists and marketing experts Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen.

In their 1989 book After The Ball, they wrote that historical figures were especially useful in promoting a gay agenda because, as Paul Rondeau wrote in the Regent Law Review, it could be claimed they were homosexual, thus associating gays with positive images in the same way advertisers use celebrity endorsements, but without the risks of the figure denying their claims.

Famous historical figures are considered especially useful to us for two reasons: first, they are invariably dead as a doornail, hence in no position to deny the truth and sue for libel. Second, and more serious, the virtues and accomplishments that make these historic gay figures admirable cannot be gain said or dismissed by the public, since high school history textbooks have already set them in incontrovertible cement.

-- Nick

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