Thursday, April 29, 2010

Who's The Victim?

Ultimately, a Supreme Court Judge decides that the only person to face punishment for Dianne Brimble's death is Dianne Brimble herself and the real victim was the man who gave her an illegal drug:

Supreme Court Justice Roderick Howie... described the supply as a "social" or consensual one... (and) "must be on the absolute lowest range of such offences".

Justice Howie... said Ms Brimble's death had impacted greatly upon Mr Wilhelm, with evidence tendered revealing he had "an acute mental illness" as a result of depression and anxiety... "No punishment I can give will be anything like the punishment he has suffered over the years," Justice Howie said. He said he hoped Mr Wilhelm could now get on with his life.
If Mrs Brimble had been loaned an unlicensed air gun and accidentally killed or maimed herself with it, the gun's owner would be punished for the supply of an illegal weapon, despite an air gun being on the lowest range of such weapons.

What's so different about supplying illegal drugs? Are they not a loaded weapon?

And why has it been impossible to get some sort of justice in the Brimble case?

-- Nick

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