Friday, February 19, 2010

A Restaurant Review

The wife and I haven't been married long, just four years, got a two year old daughter.

We had dinner the other night at an expensive hotel restaurant while staying at a flashy hotel. We'd pigged out at breakfast so we skipped the entree so the wife could have a big overpriced slab of meat while I had fish. Then we shared a dessert so we didn't look like pigs. It was beaut.

The restaurant was fantastic but I almost barfed up at the view outside - the restaurant overlooked the hotel pool and some guest was going for a swim. Wouldn't have been too bad if she'd been young and horny, I'd have got off on perving at her, but let's just say I was glad I'd had time to digest. I mean, she wasn't that bad, it was just something you don't need to see while dining.

Will go there again when next in town. Maybe a 19 year old will go for a swim.

But seriously:

The only thing that is odd about this fine dining restaurant is that the hotel pool is your view from the windows and yes at 9 pm, a guest had a swim, now if he had been young and yummy, I would have enjoyed the free look, lets just say I was glad I had eaten, oh, he wasn't that bad, its just something you don't need to see while dining.
And if you can't see what's wrong with that, there's no point in one trying to explain it to you.


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