Saturday, December 05, 2009

See No Evil

Bathe children in sludge and they'll come out dirty:

A US teenager (17) charged with strangling his 10-year-old brother to death said it satisfied a craving "like a hungry person eating a hamburger"... Conley told investigators he had fantasised about killing someone since he was in eighth grade. He said he felt "just like" the serial killer Dexter, who appears on the Showtime TV series of the same name.
Dexter screens in Australia on Ten.

Meanwhile students at a Queensland primary school are sexually assaulting each other, boys and girls alike. This case was seen as significant enough by Channel 9 in Brisbane to be one of the three headlines repeated during news 'updates' last night.

Nine probably sees no connection between the sexualisation of children in primary school and their often wall-to-wall screenings of Two And A Half Men in early evening timeslots or last night's use of the blatant Flo Rida oral sex anthem Right Round to play out the supposed family show Funniest Home Videos. In fact, here's a Nine website celebrating the track.

Whatever you do, though, don't smoke in front of children.

-- Nick

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