Monday, November 09, 2009

Drivers Cop A Con Job

Only a few days ago, Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson was citing failure to keep the State road toll below 300 for the year as a reason to slap down law-abiding drivers who take a single drink:

Police Commissioner Atkinson yesterday said a reduced (blood alcohol) limit should be "on the table" for discussion, after admitting a high-profile campaign had failed to keep the state's road toll below 299. Mr Atkinson said Queensland could not afford to rule out a tougher alcohol driving limit...

"It would effectively mean you couldn't have a drink," he said. "You couldn't even have a stubby of light beer."
This week, he's admitting the road toll target was a furphy:

QUEENSLAND'S top cop has admitted the state's Below 299 road toll campaign was always unrealistic... Police commissioner Bob Atkinson said the state's road toll had only once fallen below 300 in the past 53 years.
No mention in the story of the top cop's con job regarding the politically-driven zero blood alcohol push.

-- Nick

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