Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why Not Just Kill Yourself Now?

Australian Greens leader Bob Brown is openly homosexual.

He undoubtedly feels oppressed by Australian Christians who disapprove of homosexuality.

But he has this to say about those who want to debate the issue of Muslim immigration into Australia:

"(It's) a pretty despicable comment," he said. "We are seeing a far right, pretty disgusting point of view."
The 'despicable comment' is the suggestion that ghettos are bad and people should be allowed free speech:

(Kevin) Andrews said the issue of a growing Muslim population was a topic that had to be discussed. "To have a concentration of one ethnic or one particular group that remains in an enclave for a long period of time is not good," the Liberal backbencher told Macquarie Radio Network today. "You should be able to talk about it ... it's ridiculous if you can't talk about any subject."
There's a delicious irony that Islam's disapproval of Bob's sexual preferences extends to imprisonment (Saudi Arabia) and execution (Iran).

Of course, these countries are under Sharia law and that will never be the case here (which is probably what the Brits once told themselves).

-- Nick

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