Thursday, January 29, 2009

Conclusion Drawn

Police admit road rage is on the rise:

ROAD rage in Queensland is becoming increasingly violent, concerned police have warned in the wake of the shooting death of a young motorist. "Certainly it's something we probably didn't see 10 years ago that we are seeing now," Deputy Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said.
Over to road safety expert Professor Barry Watson:

"One thing our research clearly shows is that the people who are more likely to act aggressively on the roads ... things like tailgating, flashing lights and verbal abuse, are people who tend to be more aggressive in their general life. There's an old saying in road safety that people drive as they live and ... contrary to a popular view that anyone can become aggressive on the road, our research suggests it's people who have a propensity for aggression that are more likely to act in an aggressive way on the road."
The two statements lead to a conclusion - that if violent people act violently on the road and violence on the road is increasing then violence generally is increasing.

How could this possibly be? We've spent the past couple of generations trying to make the world a better place by completely re-engineering western society along politically correct lines and raising the rights of the individual to do as they please above all else. And it gets more violent? How confusing.

-- Nick

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