Sunday, August 03, 2008

And While We're On The Subject Of Unlearned Lessons...

The Gold Coast Sun reports in its July 30 edition that gangs of vandals as young as 13 are spraying graffiti and smashing up a Gold Coast shopping centre at Helensvale, making it a no-go zone after dark.

The Gold Coast City Councillor responsible for the area was reported to be:

...concerned with the behaviour of local youth and wants the culprits caught and stopped.
And how might that be achieved? By telling them not to be naughty and building them yet another skateboard bowl or graffiti wall?

One of the affected business owners blames the young criminals' parents - but isn't that how we got into this mess in the first place:

Dear kindly Sergeant Krupke, You gotta understand,
It's just our bringin' up-ke That gets us out of hand.
Our mothers all are junkies, Our fathers all are drunks.
Golly Moses, natcherly we're punks!

Gee, Officer Krupke, we're very upset;
We never had the love that ev'ry child oughta get.
We ain't no delinquents, We're misunderstood.
Deep down inside us there is good!
-- West Side Story, 1956.

-- Nick

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