Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Little Agro For Jamie

Queensland morning radio jock and one-time TV puppeteer Jamie Dunn has retired to the Sunshine Coast these days where he's working out his golden years in a less frenetic environment than back in Brisbane.

And he's singing a familiar song:

Jamie Dunn, who was synonymous with on-air humour on Brisbane radio in the 1980s and '90s, said the standard of some radio pranks recently had pulled the entertainment genre into the gutter.

The former B105 breakfast personality said many of the stunts were "distasteful", "lacked integrity" and took radio to a new low. "You read some of them and you think, 'Where the hell is the comedy in that?'," he said.

"Over the years people just go harder, and harder, and harder to get attention, and I don't think that's the key to comedy."

Dunn, who now works on Sunshine Coast radio, said he was embarrassed for the industry that some stations thought they had to be rude and crude to get ratings.
Like a lot of older folk who whine about the kids of today, Dunn misses a vital point - it was the 'envelope-pushing' he himself did in his younger times that got us where we are today.

When B105's content director says Dunn's view are 'out of touch', Dunn is 'just people getting old' and the station simply 'gave audiences what they wanted', one can imagine it's an echo across the years of exactly what some station hack said in defense of Dunn in the '80s.

-- Nick

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