Monday, February 04, 2008

Journalist Dismayed

Journalist Tory Maguire asks:

Who's teaching young women that the way to handle an encounter with police is to get violent?
Tory's confused, can't figure out a reason why:

It can't just be alcohol - Generation Y hardly invented binge drinking. And demographics seems to have little to do with it either.
The answer to the question is that when feminists pushed the 'girls can do anything' mantra, the unspoken bit was 'anything boys can do' and they neglected to add 'but you should't do everything'.

Water finds its own level and that level is usually down.

-- Nick

Update: Girls can do anything - except simple arithmetic, it seems, so it's somebody else's fault that even grown women is responsible managerial jobs get drunk:

Women tricked into binge drinking
By Ellen Connolly

...Professor Allsop said research had also shown that women's increased independence, both financially and socially, had led to females becoming heavy drinkers. Women in higher-paid jobs, particularly those in managerial positions, were especially vulnerable, research had found.
It's because they can't figure out how much they're drinking:

Lisa Chu, 28, said she found it difficult to keep track. "I never know how much I'm drinking," she said. "My wine glasses at home are large. How do you know?"
Here's a clue, Einstein - look on the back of the average 750ml wine bottle. If it says 7.5 standard drinks, then 100ml is a standard drink. If you can't visualise it, get a measuring cup from the kitchen.

The government response is legislation, of course, which they are 'forced' to do for the good of idiots:

The federal Government has been forced to respond to the problem and will introduce new standard-drink logos on wine bottles to better educate people. A Department of Health spokeswoman said the labels would more clearly identify the number of standard drinks within a product.
Because, of course, the above method is too complex even for executives.

Coming soon to wine labels - 'Alcohol Damages Your Health' and colour photos of rancid livers.

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